My heart is sick at the new ruling by the Supreme Court. While on the one hand my personal beliefs lead me to oppose pretty much all things that end human life, (i.e. war, capital punishment, abortion, etc), I think this ruling is actually focused on the wrong aspect of the overall problem regarding reproductive health and choice.

People have abortions for a wide range of complicated reasons that often do not have pretty answers. What is problematic to me are the number of women who do not have access to effective and practical methods of birth control, or sufficient education regarding family planning and sexual health. Many families deal with matters of sex by ignoring the issue, being overly permissive, or shaming children into fear driven behaviors. These all tend to have negative outcomes, but since the subject is so taboo in our society, it is often more comfortable for parents, who are often still struggling with the broken ways their own parents handled their sexual education.

A friend told me once that abortion is actually the red herring in a much bigger conversation, and I am inclined to agree. My heart is broken at the damaging outcomes that this ruling will have while entirely missing the underlying issue that drives the need for safe abortions. I continue to advocate for women’s rights and choice and hope that far right religious groups can look past the distraction of the abortion itself and to the bigger human issues underneath.