Reconcile and Reform Conference

I cannot remember the last time my batteries felt so recharged! The Reconcile and Reform Conference with The Reformation Project was everything I hoped it would be. I met wonderful people and learned more than I had even expected about a wide range of subjects specific to sexuality and Christianity.

I have never met someone who has the same story as me and while I did not specifically meet anyone this weekend that related to specific things where I would like to find connection with someone, I met so many people who share my passion for LGTBQ affirmation within the evangelical church. I met others, like myself, who grew up in the church and love Jesus deeply. Some are pastors kids, some are missionary kids, many are like myself and simply grew up deeply involved in the Christian church. But what we shared is a deep desire to love and be in relationship with Jesus, while also being authentic to who God created us to be.

In this space I am an ally and not queer myself, but I felt loved and welcomed in my straightness! Nobody knows how to love others better than someone who has been disowned by their own family, kicked out of their church, lost their job in ministry, and faced rejection and pain of an inexplicable magnitude. In every conversation I had there was a warmth, authenticity and love that surpasses even the transparency I have experienced in the rooms of AA.

I met so many beautiful people that I wish I should share with you, but it is not my place to share the story of another. My heart feels so full of love. These are my people!! I am excited for the next conference in 2023!