My name is Laura. I love to write! As I have navigated my journey recovering from addiction, spiritual abuse and trauma, I have found that organizing my thoughts through writing helps me to process and ultimately move on. While I find great help in the conversations with friends, religious organizations, and therapists that help me interrupt my own thought patterns and interject new insights and perspectives from which to view my past, much of my work has happened as I have put pen to paper and tied concepts together for myself.

My writing is personal in nature and I in no way intend it to be seen as instruction on what I think anyone else should do. But, I have discovered that many people share my experiences and find encouragement in understanding they are not alone in having the same thoughts and feelings.

I am an expert in nothing, but I have had many experiences.

– I am a recovering alcoholic, and have known years long stretches of sobriety and the experience of relapse.

– I consider myself a Christian, but spent years angry at God before understanding that much of my anger was really directed at broken people and institutions as imperfect as myself.

– I am a convicted felon who found myself nearly shot by police when my battle with depression culminated in a suicide attempt about a decade ago.

-I am a former prostitute who in my own self loathing, past sexual abuse and desperation, reached a point where selling my body became the way I survived and all I believed I deserved.

– I am a recovering perfectionist who thought for years that my goal had to be the always elusive perfection that I perceived others achieving, but I never found myself.

-I am a lover of learning with a deep curiosity about the human experience and the relationship we all experience with suffering.

– I am stubborn and opinionated by nature and enjoy debate and discussion that challenge my mind in new and undiscovered directions of learning.

-I am an accountant who went back to college after my time in jail and have decided that I would not my status as felon hold me back from achieving my goals.

– I have been been helped along the way by people who have held hope for me when I thought all was lost. I am alive today because of the support they offered and am passionate about paying that support forward.

-I am a sister, a daughter, a political moderate. I do not seek to change opinions, give advice or imagine myself wise. I simply know the depths of deep pain and also the discovery of hope.

-In my own journey, there have been countless moments I believed I was the only one who was having an experience and I felt isolated and unpresentable to the world because of my brokenness. I have learned that in fact many people share my
feelings of insecurity, shame, fear, brokenness and desperation that led me to addiction and depression.

I share my writing not because I think I can offer you an answer, but because I can offer you my understanding of pain, vulnerability and ultimately hope that might make you feel less alone.